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 The Arena of the Gods

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Purple spice
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PostSubject: The Arena of the Gods   Tue May 29, 2012 1:18 am

Whether it be for sport, honor, fame, or to settle a dispute, warriors from all over journey to the arena of the gods to match their strength against a never ending onslaught of monsters. None come out alive, but for many their legacy lives on. Will you be the one to become champion of this mighty arena?

The Arena of the Gods is a Minecraft map meant for multiplayer use (in fact, you can't use it in singleplayer). As the name and description would suggest, it is a giant arena, with redstone powered traps and mob dispensers set up.There can be up to 12 players fighting at once, but a a minimum of only 2 are required to play. There are four different gametypes you can use the arena for:

Many brave warriors choose to face this challange alone, but only some meet sucess.
In this mode, one player goes up against an unending horde of mobs. You probably figured that out from the name though :P . Minimum and maximum of 2 players needed (1 to control things the other to play)

There is strength in numbers
In this mode, up to 12 people fight as a team against the horde. Be warned, this mode gives the person controlling mob spawn rates and traps a valid reason to be much more evil than usual. Requires a minimum of 3 people (1 controlling 2 fighting). Maximum of 13 players (12 in the ring)

Free For All
Trust has been the downfall of many
Unlike multiplayer, in this mode chaos is thrown in the ring as players are fighting both mobs and each other in a battle to the death. Minimum 3 players required. Maximum of 13 players (12 in the ring)

Some disputes can only be settled by death
Players face off against each other in a battle to the death. There are no mobs, and teams are up to the players to decide. Be wary, traps are still active during duels. A minimum of 3 players are needed (2 in the ring). Maximum of 13 players (12 in the ring)

Controlling the Arena
Careful who you anger, they may be in control of your fate down the road
For the arena to work, there has to be a player running it. This player is in creative mode and sits in the control tower. They have full control over the rate of mobs spawning and how often and what traps go off. They're also in charge of repairing the arena and replacing items after a match. The controls are simple:

Just from looking at those pictures you probably figured it out. Its just what it seems to be, stepping on the pressure plates or hitting the buttons spawns that mob or activates that trap. All the ones on the button wall spawn four of the mob, with the "all mobs" one spawning four of each mob. Tnt is handy if matches are taking too long, but adds a lot to your repairing duties. Loot should be dropped occasinoally to help out players

A picture is worth a thousand words

Nothing is perfect
-Done on a superflat map so slimes spawn all over the outside of the dome (really just an annoyance, fixing soon)
-Strangly you spawn on the roof of the arena
-Slimes occasionally spawn on top of their dispenser and jump into the control tower, sometimes causing tons of loot to be dropped and lots of slimes and ghasts to be spawned. Just hit them off as quick as possible if you notice them not falling
-Ghasts Sometimes spawn inside their dispenser, making them get stuck on the control tower
-Spiders sometimes randomly die when they are spawned

The time to fight has come ?m1ln7qlf7xg61fo

Its dangerous to go alone
Cams server is hosting it right now awesome :

Tell me what you think off it happy.

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The Arena of the Gods
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