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 Stars Without Number OOC – Lifepath and Hacking Added

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PostSubject: Stars Without Number OOC – Lifepath and Hacking Added   Sun Jul 27, 2014 5:16 pm

The year is 3200. Humanity is scattered like dust among the stars. The broken relics of a former day litter the sky and men and women struggle to rebuild the glory of humanity’s lost golden age.

Full Intro:

In Stars Without Number you play the role of an interstellar adventurer. Whether a grizzled astrotech, lostworlder warrior, or gifted psychic, you dare the currents of space for the sake of riches and glory. Not everyone in the thirty-third century is cut out for such a life. The vast majority of humanity is content to live out their lives on their own worlds, making the best they can of what fate has given them.
The dangers of the starfaring life claim legions of aspiring adventurers and precious few of them ever manage to die in bed. Still, humanity needs their courage, ingenuity, and reckless ambition if mankind is ever to recover its former glory.

Stars Without Number is a sci-fi Tabletop RPG that I am hoping/planning to take out for a spin have been running for quite some time now with some of you guys — using a Skype call and Roll20 to conduct it.

If you're interested in playing, I've uploaded a player guide (copy-pasted from the core rulebook pdf, with the GM sections and others omitted) in the link below. You can read as much or little of it as you like — if you want to join in but don't want to fiddle with the character creation options, I've already put together a small selection of characters to choose from, and can create more in reasonably short order, so just say!

We have a Skype group set up for chat (and, when we get there, the game itself), but this thread stands to be a useful place to put resources for easy access.


Player guide pdf:

"Welcome to Gateway" (partial sector map, travel information etc. — Gateway is the world we will start on):

Quick reference sheet for gameplay:

Quick reference sheet for gear:

AI background and character creation pdf:

Alternative 'Lifepath' system for generating your character:

Hacking guide (part of the Polychrome expansion, but applicable on any sufficiently advanced world):

Copy and paste the mediafire links, 'cause adfly sucks.



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Purple spice
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PostSubject: Re: Stars Without Number OOC – Lifepath and Hacking Added   Sun Aug 09, 2015 4:02 am

Bump because information is power and power is something something
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Stars Without Number OOC – Lifepath and Hacking Added
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