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 spore map/arena contest

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Blue Spice
Blue Spice

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PostSubject: spore map/arena contest   Mon Sep 05, 2011 6:08 pm


Here is a contest. Create a map/arena for fighting in. You cannot use anyone else’s creations (excluding maxis and luckyburdock) you can choose if your arena/map will be populated with civilians. Your map can contain civilian cars/boats/planes/spaceships/others. C&C and robot parts are forbidden but exoskeleton limbs are not. Civilians can only be humanoid (2 legs) or like a centaur (4 legs). you are only allowed 8 limbs (4 for legs) , you can have as many arms as you want within the limit , 2 or more limbs joined together for a limb counts as it being normal(say 8 different limbs were used to make 2 limbs counts as 2 limbs) and fake tails don’t count as limbs.

For those who (i dont know why) don’t have galactic adventures can make a building that is an arena alone are welcome to.If possible please follow the regular rules for the adventure. these buildings will be posted to a different contest and you can try and make an arena that is a creature or Vehicle (though i doubt possible).


She winner(s) will get a gift , a trophy , a free buddy (me) , credit , previews of upcoming adventures , and a agrementfor if spore ever goes multi player no conflict between us.

please send the name of the arena to me

note: new post due to mass grammar complaints on the first post

Trollface Wondering Alien RANT =]

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spore map/arena contest
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