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PostSubject: DragonQuest RP   DragonQuest RP EmptyTue Aug 24, 2010 8:54 pm

sence we HAD an RP, but it died, i've decided to make another! (if there's a name that doesn't appear, just highlight where it should be :D)

hundreds of thousands of years in earths futrure... long ago, knolege of technology was lost to the ordinary people. slowly, scientists and technitions disapeared, and the humans were left with no understanding of how these technologies worked. and now, we find ourselves in another Medievil age. the age of monsters... magic... and epic quests. the throne for the king of the earth was been empty for centuries, but, when the cleaner, discoverd a poen on the throne, he did not hesitate to tell the 3 nearby towns about it.

He Who finds the dragon lost
will journy back to here,
and be the owner of the throne,
and be the good king, of the earth.

now, the people of the towns were suddenly in action. the prefainred their young wariors for the quest ahead, and sent them on their way. but what will they find out there? monsters. magic. creatures. battles... and maybe even a dragon!

OK. so here's a map:
DragonQuest RP Map210

White ring: abandoned city / town / castle home of a beast.
Baege triangle: mountain
Black Letters: name mountain or forest
White letters: name of white ring.
blue letters: name of other area
Large blue dot: lost object of power:
currently lost:
the shadow
the icicile
storm scyth

tiny colored dots: creatures of power
Wolf: red
Dog: orange
fox: green
Falcon: dark blue
Raptor: light blue
Mole: black
Dwarf: brown
Turtle: aqua

slightly bigger colored dots: magical creatures
unicorn: white
Lion: pale gold
Dragon: NOT ON MAP... you must find him...
Phoenix: gold
Leviathan: purple
Kraken: Grox color



Knife a useful weapon, hardly lethal, except when used to the neck of a human or some animals can take 5 blows regenerates after 3 turns can be used to sut rope and carve symbols in stone. can be sold for 8 coins. useful against ice.

Sword The Basic sword is heavy and unwieldy, yet useful in close combat. is sometimes lethal. Can be sold for 10 coins can take 5 blows and regenerates after 3 turns. useful against fire water and ice

Bow/arrow Useful for long distance shots and will be lethal for a human. Can be sold for 10 coins. Can take 2 blows and regenerates after 5 turns can also be used to send a short distance message and be used as a patteran. Useful against water

Basic armor don’t be caught without it. Can take 15 blows (by normal weapons) and protects most of your body can be sold for 10 coins and can carry small objects out of harm’s way. It regenerates after 2 turns. Is useful agaist water fire and ice

Hemlet protects your head. Can take 10 blows Can be sold for 5 coins is useful against fire and ice.


Switch Blade a useful weapon, but not much more powerful than the knife. Can take 10 blows and is quickly opened during battle. Can be sold for 15 coins. Useful against earth and ice

Elven Sword Sword crafted by the elves are not only deadly weapons but double your attack power when your using it. Can take 20 blows and can be sold for 25 coins. Is useful against fire ice and earth

Air Armor extremely powerful armor that only materializes when needed increasing your speed and fighting power. Can take 20 blows and can be sold for 50 coins. Is useful against air water fire and ice. Can be worn with basic armor.

Shield a pair of gloves that emit a sort sustained evergy wave that is unpenetrable exept by magic weapons or elememtal beasts can take unlimted blows but can not be used twice in a row. Can be sold for 20 coins. Is useful aginst all elements.

Storm Scyth a heavy but effective weapon. Is sure to kill any animal or human. Can take 10 blows and can be sold for 20 coins. It is useful against earth fire water and ice

Radar a mysterious but of ancient technology. It shows a blank screen, but emits a low humming noise. There is a keyhole though. Can be sold for 30 coins


The Icicle a ball when thrown raises an army of ice beasts at your command. But be quick, they have but 2 turns if they aren’t melted… can be sold for 100 coins can not be used on an ice elemental

The Shadow a jet black shotgun that’s bullets kill on contact. And when shot without bullets fires an energy wave vaporizeing everything in it’s path. Comes with 2 bullets. Disappears after all bullets and energy wave are used. can be cold for 150 coins

Starbender a machete what calls the power off all the stars into a sizzleing bolt of pure evergy. Can be used 3 times, but only at night. And not on a full moon. Can not be used to kill a fire elememtal. Can be sold for 100 coins

Wavebringer summons a tidal wave capable of destroying and creature or building in it’s path except ice of water elementals. Can be sold for 100 coins

Starbird a pouch of dust that when thrown can bend air and the sky to your will. Air is the most powerful element so use it well, as once used, it can never be used again… by anyone. It may be the only way to battle the strongest air elemental. Can be sold for 200 coins.

Beast Call a giant shell horn that can summon any beast you could think of (except the dragon of course) to do your bidding. Useful for 3 turns. Can be sold for 100 coins

Fireburst a burst of scorching flames that erupt in a ball around you, protectiong you from harm.. that is, unless that harm is a fire elemental. The shield will be useable 5 times . can be sold for 90 coins.


Flame a powerful sword, capable of controlling fire. It tripples your attack when in use, can take 100 blows and is inscribes with a key shape. Once destroyed or lost, the previous owner can not repair or use it again. Sell for 200 coins. Is useful against all but a fire elemental.

Frost another magical sword. It freezes those who have been hit by it, making them easy targets. Can not be used twice in a row. Can be sold for 150 coins and doubles your fighting level.

Ripple a charm necklace that transfers your energy into all the water present, turning you into any form of water you choose. Can be used 4 times before it disappears forever. Can be sold for 100 coins not effective against water elementals.

Storm a staff that contorts the weather to your will. You can create walls of air, wind storms, tornados… hurricanes whatnot, but be careful. The storm is easily bent to another’s will. Can be sold for 200 coins. Effective against all elementals. Quadruples your fighting power.

Terra A magic sword capeable of controlling the immense frce of the earth into one object… even you… making you almost invinceible for 3 turns. The sword also quadrouples your fighting power. Can be used against any elemental. But only once. Can be sold for 300 coins.

Spirit ball a chrystal orb that can hold the spirit of any dead person you choose. Throw the ball into the air and utter their name to return them form the dead. This also doubles said person’s fighting power. You may use the
spirit ball unlimitedly, but not twice in a row. But be careful… those you bring back, may resent you for past deeds. Can be sold for 400 coins.

Signal throw this tiny ball into the air when youre in trouble and anyone you choose will see immediately know your position. It’s a good escape. Can be sold for 90 coins you only get one use, so make sure it’s in dire need.

Telaporter can take you anywhere withing 10 squared of where you are instantly. Unfortunately, you CAN be intercepted by an air elematal. This however is only possible if you passing over one. It provides 4 trips before it is returned to the “shop” sell for 100 coins.

Dust The dust when eaten seperates the attoms in your body and reforms them in a different shape. In other words, you can transform yourself into someone.. or something else for 4 turns. Sell for 300 coins. Can be used 4 times.

Green Charm restores you to full health can be used 3 times. Regenerates after 3 turns. Can be sold for 50 coins

Blue Charm restores you to full battle power. can be used 3 times. Regenerates after 3 turns. Can be sold for 50 coins

Gold Charm makes you invinceable for 1 turn. Regenerates after 10 turns. Can be used once. Can be sold for 100 coins.

Lightning Bolt a necklace that can send a lightning bolt at the person of your choice. Be careful, once released, a air elemental can turn it against you. Sell for 300 coins

Hourglass another charm worn around your neck. It can stop or reverse time for one turn. In that way, you can prevent a situation that al ready happened, or run away form certain death. You can use it twice before it disaperas and rewapears somewhere else. Sell for 100 coins.

GENISIS stone this stone let’s you create a charm that is useable 2 times. After 2 uses, the stone disaperas, leaveing you with two new and alien charms. Can be sold for 300 coins.



Wolf only 5 wolves are left on earth, but each one carries a charm. Each time you meet a wolf, you must befriend it. Then you can collect the charm. With one charm, you can call the fierce wolf warrior to you side in battle, but if you have all five, you may be able to raise an army of wolves form the dead and obliterate your enemies. The wolves are strongest on the full moon. A single wolf will remain with you for 3 turns. The army for only one.

Dog Dogs are faithful companions. If you can win them over, you will have a companion and intelligent fighter till the very end. The thing is, you can’t have more than 3 dogs at a time. There are 10 dogs in the world.

Bird birds have a tendancy to fly off at the first sign of humans, but if you manage to catch one, take the ring form around it’s foot and put it on your finger. It will give you the ability of flight. This ability does not run out. You can sell the ring for 10 coins.

Fox Foxes are stealthy creatures. Yet, if they see bravery in you, they may seek you out and reward you the power of invisibility. You can become invisible for 3 times ant not all in a row, before the power wears out.


Falcon falcons are the sharpest eyes creatures on the planet. If you meet one, you must be cautious, lest risk being skewered by his sharp claws. Yet, if the falcon takes a fancy to you, he may reward you his superb sight. With that, you can see an enemy from a whole square away! Best part is, the power never runs out.

Raptor the ancient Velociraptor. His powers are high speed processing- making fast paced battles a breeze, speed, and power. You can have all this… if you can battle him… and win. Mind you, that’s no easy thing.

Mole the mole. Catch him and he may give you a tiny key. The key will get you into any mold hole around. Once inside, your speed doubles, and you are untraceable except to earth elementals. The key never gets used up…

Dwarf UNKNOWN. The dwarf has unknown powers! Find him in the mountains… but can you get the powers he possesses?

Turtle the turtle is easy to scare, so proceed cautiously. If you befrend him, you can call him to you in any battle, and take advantage of his immense defensive strength.


it is said that a unicorn can find anything… can you take advantage of this power to find something you might need? He will only stay with you for 2 turns though… the unicorn will refuse you another helping hand.

Centaur The Centaur will come to your aid in battle if you call him by his full name… Dooi Hi Goutplee Toot. But you can do so only once.

Lion the lion has a charm around his neck. If you are cunning enough to collect it, you can call to your aid an army of lion warriors. But only once.

Dragon the dragon is your quarry. The first to find the dragon will be granted the power to become king of earth. But what tests has the dragon prepared for you?

Phoenix the flame bird. He will come to your aid when he sees fit. You cannot just… call him.

Leviathan this giant sea monster watches you whenever you set foot in water. But what offering will make his come to you?

The Kraken Don’t go looking for the Kraken. You would not survive the encounter. However, there is a stone, carved with his silhouette that will call him to your aid if you throw it into the air and utter the word… Sploosh. But there are hundreds of rocks… you can’t hope to find it on your own. Perhaps a dwarf could help though.

The Market


Knife: 5 coins 5 available

Sword: 10 coins 2 available

Bow/arrow: 10 coins 4 available

Basic Armor: 10 coins 1 available

Switch Blade: 15 coins 1 available


Elven sword: 25 coins 3 available

Air armor: 60 coins 2 available

Sheild: 30 coins 5 available

Radar: 50 coins 1 available

Beast call: 110 coins 3 available

Fireburst: 100 coins 5 available

Frost: 200 coins 1 available

Signal: 100 coins 10 available

Spirit ball: 400 coins 3 available

Telaporter: 150 coins: 1 available

Green charm: 100 coins 5 available

Blue charm: 100 coins 5 available

Hourglass: 200 coins 1 available


Lightning bolt: EST: 400 coins

Gold Charm: EST: 200 coins

Dust: EST: 400 coins

Storm Scyth: EST: 50 coins

Unavailable unless bought from player:

Terra: EST: 400 coins

Storm: EST: 300 coins

Rippple: EST: 200 coins

Flame: EST: 300 coins

Starbird: EST: 300 coins

WaveBringer: EST: 200 coins

The Shadow: EST: 250 coins

The Icicle: EST: 200 coins

Character sheets:

Set Characters:

some cherectors are musts. unless anyone wants them i'll play them, but only in battle, because they are protectors, they stay in one place.

TOE: level one ice elemental: available

Hecto: level one fire elemental: available

Reptus: level one earth elemental

Beltta: level one air elemental

Oceana: level one water elemental

The above are elemental beasts. They have 3x human power and guard the dragon.

The Phoenix: the free character. Invincible, but helps others in need. Cannot seek the dragon.

Cherector creation:

th begin your cherector, you must choose a race: there are humans elves trolls and other... you choose :
power must be under 7. the more waepons/ecsessories, the lower the the power.
you can only choose exsessories from basic or the first three special *those minus 1 power level*
you start with 70 coins, each weapon/exsessory subtracts 5 for basic and 10 for special from that. that will then be your starting coin count. you MUST keep track of your coins.

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PostSubject: Re: DragonQuest RP   DragonQuest RP EmptyWed Aug 25, 2010 3:36 pm

Looks great! Can I help make the creatures via spore? I'd love to do the dragon!
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PostSubject: Re: DragonQuest RP   DragonQuest RP EmptyWed Aug 25, 2010 3:45 pm

well... if you wan to, but an RP is a writeing thing, where each person controls up to 3 cherectors, and writes a peice of the story about them, therefore evolvein in into a book... so to speak
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PostSubject: Re: DragonQuest RP   DragonQuest RP EmptyWed Aug 25, 2010 7:12 pm

I dunno about if i should paitipiciate in this...
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PostSubject: Re: DragonQuest RP   DragonQuest RP EmptyWed Aug 25, 2010 7:57 pm

it's not mandatory LOL
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PostSubject: Re: DragonQuest RP   DragonQuest RP EmptySat Aug 28, 2010 5:05 am

Erm...what is this?
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PostSubject: Re: DragonQuest RP   DragonQuest RP Empty

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