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 Game Night 'To-buy' List

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Game Night 'To-buy' List Empty
PostSubject: Game Night 'To-buy' List   Game Night 'To-buy' List EmptyWed Mar 09, 2016 5:21 pm

This will be a running list of several games we've been meaning to play at Game Night, but haven't because not everyone has purchased them.
This will be tagged with either [GREEN] [YELLOW] or [RED].

Games tagged [GREEN] are games most of us have, but a select few don't own. These are low-cost options that amount to a few dollars on gift copies/personal purchases, and can be removed from the list quickly during sales.

Games tagged [YELLOW] are either cheap (>$20 USD) games, or games with purchasable 4-packs that a majority of us do not own.
These can be met quickly during sales, but are more costly than [GREEN] titles, so it is usually best to wait for a sale before any purchases are made.

Games tagged [RED] are new / higher-cost games of any type.
Sales for these games won't take off much off the price, so these will require serious discussion before we go through with them.

***STARRED*** games are ones that I personally feel would work great for multiple game nights.


Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed: That game that Naboo needs to get. >:V
Current non-owners: Naboo

Distance: A fun racing game with custom (randomized) tracks, custom playlist support, and a nice lite-outrun aesthetic.
Current non-owners: Tate, Eps, Tala
***Payday 2***: A chaotic L4D-like horde shooter with fun teamplay and good game-night potential. I will never stop recommending this. (4-player, would require group splitting)
Current non-owners: Drago, Naboo, Eps.

***Depth***: The last time we played this, we had one of the best, most memorable Game Nights we've ever had. Sales can bring this down around 75%.
***Tabletop Simulator***: Literally thousands of Game Night options waiting to happen. Has a 4-pack.
***GMOD + CS:S***: Counter Strike : Source is the main focus here. Our GMOD options will greatly benefit from this. (TTT, Prophunt, Murder, Guess Who, Slave of GMOD, etc)
Chivalry: Medieval Warfare: Haven't played this since a free weekend from a year ago. I remember having a good time with it.
The Culling: 16 Player Hunger Games style survival arena with a time limit, Chivalry-style combat and a tag-team mode.
Ratz Instagib: Pure arena-shooter fun, and is a cheap purchase.
Serious Sam 3: woh guis look at de time?!? its srs-o-clock!!
Duck Game: 4 Player only, but still; it looks fun to try out if we split into 2 groups.
Contraption Maker: Mousetrap on steroids. Looks entertaining.

Rainbow Six: Siege: This game looks/is fucking AMAZING. It's got interesting competitive/teamplay mechanics, genious game design throughout, and can be played seriously OR for shits 'n' giggles. There's a lot of fun to be had with this. Only 1 problem: It's got a $60 price tag.

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Game Night 'To-buy' List
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