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 My favorite games, and yours.

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PostSubject: My favorite games, and yours.   Fri Jul 02, 2010 4:04 am

Well, boredom pushed me into doing this. So you must suffer. This is a list of my favorite games across the PC and xbox 360. You are also welcome to add your favorite games to the list, assuming your a gamer.

By: Valve
Platform(s): Xbox 360, PC
Portal is an advanced physics puzzle game utilizing a "Portal gun" To make two portals. Blue and Orange. You can travel between these two portals to certain points. This can be used to cross a gap in simple situations, or use the advanced physics engine to propel yourself across great distances. This game also has a great story, you are a test subject in an Aperture science testing facility. Although at first vague the story also includes a robot. GLaDOS Genetic (Lifeform and Disk Operating System) Who helps you understand the game and is the only other character in the game, I'm not going to give anything away, but play the game to see how the story unfolds.

Left 4 Dead 2:
By: Valve
Platform(s): PC, Xbox 360
This is zombie survival at its best, you can play as any of the four survivors (Nick, Coach, Ellis, Rochelle) as you battle hoards of the undead in an attempt to escape the zombie Apocalypse. This game is VERY team based, if you go in alone. You will die, this is because your teammates can do many things. Such as save you when your trapped by a special infected (Explained soon) Provide support, or heal you, but the best thing about this game is the AI director, who can do ANYTHING. It can change map layouts, weapon, ammo and health spawns, and even control how many zombies are around. If the team is failing, then the AI director will be increase ammo, weapon, and health spawns and decrease the number of zombies. If a team of expert players is tearing everything to shreds, the AI director will REDUCE weapon, ammo, and health spawns, and INCREASE the number of zombies.

As with the normal zombies this game also has 8 "Special infected" Which has special abilities, and are all around more durable. These are the:
Hunter: Can pounce on to you, and pin you down as he tears you face off. Team needs to save you
Smoker: Uses a long tongue to pull you away from your friends as he claws your face off
Boomer: Fat and easy to kill, but if he pukes on you, your vision will be messed up and all the other zombies will go after you.
Jockey: Hops on to you and pulls you away from your friends. They are tough little jerks and you can hurt your friend while trying to remove the Jockey off of the victim.
Spitter: Can spit pools of acid that hurt you. Nuf' said.
Charger: Slams into groups of survivors and pulls one away and smashes him on the ground. Needs to be saved by teammates.
TANK!: The loudest and most well recognized special infected. Super strong and super durable. Aside from the witch, it is the most deadly of them all.
Witch: At first she is nothing more than a sobbing zombie wondering around aimlessly, but if you startle her things get bad. She will chase you and incapacitate you (When you fall over and need help to get up) And claw at you until your dead, in expert mode (Hardest difficulty) She will kill you instantly.

Battlefield bad company 2
By: Dice
Platforms: PC, Xbox 360, PS3 (I think)
Battlefield bad company 2 is a game not shy to profane language to express the story. It is basically about you and your squad as they battle Russian forces who are trying to take over the world. Your going to have to check elsewhere because I'm not done with the Campaign yet. The main seller of this game is the Multiplayer. Utilizing 4 classes in a team based experience the game is unforgettable, the classes are
Assault: Make sure no one runs out of ammo and the master of gernade launchers and assault rifles, they can use the destruction engine to either put a hole in buildings or destroy them. My personal favorite.
Engineer: Repairs vehicles and uses rocket launchers to blow up stuff.
Medic: Can revive (Bring dead friends back to life) and heal teammates. Uses light machine guns.
Recon: Uses sniper rifles to kill at long range and timed explosives to blow up stuff. Has a cool camo suit

Call of duty. Modern warfare 1 and 2
By: Infinity ward
Platform(s): PC, xbox 360, PS3
These games put you in the boots of the American army, the SAS, and the Task force 141 (Fictional) in a war against Russian Ultra nationalists who are (As usual) Trying to first, take over Russia, then destroy the USA. This game is somewhat disturbing and VERY realistic in warfare. You aren't the super solider saving the day, this is a war. A war that the USA might lose. Just realize this is a game and you shouldn't be TO depressed about it

By: Maxis
Platform(s): PC
I don't need to explain, we all know what this is.

Feel free to post your own games, all you need to do is follow this little thingy.

Team Fortress 2
By: Valve
Platforms: PC, Xbox 360
Team fortress 2 uses a class system in team based combat. Each class has a completely unique role in the game. With humor and teamwork heavy game types this game certainly is note worthy. The classes are:

Engineer: Makes turrets and health and ammo dispensers. Incredibly weak

Spy: Can disguise himself as a member of the other team or can become flat out invisible. If he stabs you in the back, it's an instant kill.

Medic: Heals teammates and can even increase their health caps. Can also give them the almighty uber-charge. The teammate becomes invincible and gets a 100% chance of getting critical hits.

Demoman: Uses bombs and traps to blow your enemies to pieces. Pretty cool right?

Pyro: Runs around with a flamethrower and burns people to death or kills them with his shotgun. He is great for spy checking. (Basically make sure the teammate isn't really a spy in disguise)

Heavy weapons guy: The games juggernaut. Slow, deadly, and has an insane amount of health. Along with him trusty machine gun named "Sasha" and a medic to uber charge him. He is, literally. A killing machine

Scout: Uses a shotgun and moves really fast. For objective gametypes he captures them twice as fast as anyone else would. Enjoys pancakes.

Sniper: He is a sniper. Duh.

Solider: Runs around with a rocket launcher and shotgun. Can jump higher by "Rocket jumping" and aside from the heavy, delivers the most damage.

The internet
By: God
Platform: PC

The internet provides this list, the internet provides information, the internet provides fun. You will worship the internet.

Feel free to post your favorite games too, just follow this template thingy.

Name of game
Developer (Makers of the game.)
Platforms(s) (As in system)
And remember to be VERY careful about giving things away. It kind of ruins the fun for anyone who might want to buy those games.

Note: I know the Entire Russia going for world domination thing is offensive to any Russian community members. Just please know this is a GAME. I do not want to see this in real life, it's a game. These developers can do what they want, yes it might be kind of mean. But hey, these are the guys that are making Millions.
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Bronze Spice
Bronze Spice

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PostSubject: Re: My favorite games, and yours.   Fri Jul 02, 2010 4:43 am

Little Big Planet, Bioshock, inFAMOUS, Red Dead Redemption, Uncharted, and old games that I never play anymore (sold my PS2) Spyro, Ratchet and Clank, Jak, God of War, the works

oh yeah, and Spore... doy
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Silver Spice
Silver Spice

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PostSubject: Re: My favorite games, and yours.   Fri Jul 02, 2010 4:18 pm

Okay... here's one for the best RPG ever invented.

By: Nintendo
Platform: Super NES
Earthbound is an RPG, but a very unique one. Instead of a knight with a sword fighting dragons and evil wizards, you take control of a small boy with a baseball bat fighting giant rats and galactic terrors. Like any good RPG, you bring companions along with you each with their own unique abilities. You become more powerful and continue on your quest until you fight the one with the intention of waging war on the universe. The story behind this has been the basis for many stories made by current authors, whether they write an adventure or a web comic. If you can get a hold of it, I highly suggest you play it. It would definitely give you some adventure ideas.
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PostSubject: Re: My favorite games, and yours.   

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My favorite games, and yours.
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