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 Z-lite archive thread

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Silver Spice
Silver Spice

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PostSubject: Z-lite archive thread   Sun Apr 03, 2011 10:39 pm

This is the archive, so we don't have to read over and click on pages, please note that I may change some stuff around to have stuff make sense, your character may have some extra dialogue, but not that much.

June 15 3011

As soon as she heard "Class dismissed" Furosuto Jumped up from her seat and packed her backpack. She loved it when school was out and couldn't wait to head to the bakery, To sneak in some cookies. Maybe I should buy some crescents so mom wouldn't be like: "BLAH BLAH BLAH FUROSUTO WHAT DID I TELL YOU ABOUT NOT COMING HOME DIRECTLY, COME HOME FIRST BLAH BLAH BLAH!" I dunno maybe her mom told her the same thing during childhood, maybe her youth was as boring as mine is right now. Furosuto picked up her backpack and walked to the bakery.

Yuminii nearly missed the bell ring meaning school was out because she had her head phones on listening to music under her hat. The trick was making sure the teachers didn't see her mp3 on her way out.

"Now to get to the bakery for some cookies" said Yuminii
"Not so fast Yuminii" said the teacher holding her head phones up.
"Busted!" Said Yuminii, "detention?"
"Not what I was thinking" said the teacher holding out a mop.

Ska'thi was scribbling in his sketchbook when he heard the bell ring. He looked at the clock, and put the book in his backpack. "Maybe I can get a doughnut or something at the bakery on the way home." He said. His stomach grumbled. He hadn't had anything to eat since a bully stole his lunch.

Furosuto stood in the bakery deciding on what sweets she should get. "So should I get cookies, or crescaunts, cake looks good but icecream is great! Why do you have to torture me bakery?"

Yuminii's stomach growled, "There I moped the classroom can I leave?"
"Well, I can't let you leave because this isn't my class room." said the teacher.
Yuminii sighed, "I'll never get to the bakery!"
"Not with your sense of direction," said the teacher.

Ska'thi got to the bakery, he wandered around, looking for something that could tempt him. However, he had trouble deciding. As he absent-mindedly wandered around the store, he suddenly bumped into someone, falling backwards. "Oh, I'm terribly sorry!" He said. He looked up to see who it was. To his surprise, it was a familiar looking creature with white fur and several blue patches here and there. "Hey, I think I've seen you in school..." Ska'thi said nervously. "...W-what's your name?"
Furosuto turned around, to her surprise she noticed a Lynx "My name is Furosuto, I've seen you at school too." Okay that sounded stupid. He's kind of cute though... she thought.
"Great name! I'm Ska'thi." he replied. "I've heard you're quite popular in school" he added.
As he got up, he noticed that one of his books had fell out of his backpack. "Oh, my sketchbook!" he picked it up, and quickly flicked through it, checking if any of the pages were torn. "Ah, it's okay." he muttered, putting it back in his backpack.
"Ska'thi.. That's a nice name. So.. what do you do with your sketchbook?" Furosuto asked with curiosity.
"Oh, I like to scribble in it when I have the time..." Ska'thi took it out again and started flipping through the pages. "In fact, I drew this just today" he held up a detailed sketch of a Mini Frocular.
"Hm.." Furosuto tilted her head sideways. "Looks interesting... You seem pretty nice, Ska'thi." (Notice how fast she changes the subject..)
"Thanks!" Ska'thi smiled. "...Hey, do you wanna split a bag of choc chip cookies with me? I'll buy it!!"

"Okay, now your classroom is mopped, now let me leave!"
"Yuminii you need to be a better student, try reading, this," said the teacher tossing a book at Yuminii.
"If I read it later, can I leave?" said Yuminii.
"Fine, but I think you'll need to watch out for-
"Ouch!" shouted Yuminii.
"-That poll" said The teacher. "Bye Yuminii."
"See ya" said Yuminii rubbing her head.

Ska'thi smiled, and went to the counter. a few minutes later, he arrived back with a paper bag.
"I was able to get a bag of 6, so three for both of us!" He smiled.
Furosuto smiled and was a little tense, she quickly realized she was blushing. I'm blushing?! she thought in surprise. "Thank you, Ska'thi, I wish I could do something for you."
"It's okay" Ska'thi replied "I just appreciate the feeling that I made a friend...." He sighed. "I'm not exactly popular, you see." Ska'thi looked at his feet. "Apparently everyone thinks I'm related to the Dāku Z-lites for some reason... B-BUT I'M NOT!" he quickly added.
"What?! That sounds crazy, You're very nice if you were a Daku, YOU WOULD KILL THEM WHEN YOU GET THE CHANCE! But you are very nice and I only known you for a few minutes" Furosuto ranted.

Yuminii opened the door to the bakery, "YES! FINALLY FREE FROM THAT PRIS-
son?" Yuminii was lost again and this time she was in a senior citizen center.
"Great, I'm so glad you got a bingo!" said Yuminii.
"A what?" said the elderly man.
"Never mind can you tell me where the bakery is?"
"Across the street,"
Yuminii smacked her face "Thank you!"
Yuminii, happy to be free and finally opened the door to the bakery and saw to kids from her class.
*Bonk!!!* "Who put that step there?" Said Yuminii who was face down on the floor.
She looked up and saw that one of those two kids was the one she stole the lunch from.
Yuminii looked at him shyly and then looked the way whistling and looked at the menu.
"Cookies, cupcakes, cake, pieeee!" Yuminii ordered two pieces of blackberry pie and sat down.

Ska'thi smiled. "Thanks for understanding." he said while nomming on a cookie. He then swallowed, and said "I don't know why everyone thinks that. Though I think it may have something to do with my fur color..." His thoughts were interrupted by a girl who had tripped on a step nearby. His blue eye flashed slightly. He wasn't very happy to see one of the people who stole his lunch. Disregarding that, he focused his attention back on his new friend.

As a waiter gave Yuminii her pie, tears formed in her eyes.
"is everything all right?" asked the waiter.
"yeah.... except, tail." Yuminii pointed at her tail which the waiter was standing on.
"oops. Sorry!" the waiter walked away.
Yuminii realized she ordered two slices of pie.
*face palm*
Yuminii walked over to the boy his multi colored eyes proved that it was the boy, feeling terrible for her mistake Yuminii knew knew she had to set things right.
Maybe he didn't see my face today, Thought Yuminii "Hi! I kind of was wondering if you wanted a slice of pie, you see I ordered two and well, I'm sorry for earlier today, I thought you were someone else, I'm so sorry," tears welled in Yuminii's eyes.
"Sorry again," said the waiter stepping off Yuminii's tail.
But her tears had nothing to do with her tail, no matter how spiky his shoes were.

I'm gonna add more later
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Purple spice
Purple spice

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PostSubject: Re: Z-lite archive thread   Sun Apr 03, 2011 10:50 pm

I still think we should start a new topic. Do you really think you can get 49 pages before we run out?
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Bronze Spice
Bronze Spice

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PostSubject: Re: Z-lite archive thread   Sun Apr 03, 2011 10:54 pm

Run out of what? What I think we should do is make a wall of pictures from the RP!
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Silver Spice
Silver Spice

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PostSubject: Re: Z-lite archive thread   Sun Apr 03, 2011 11:18 pm

Oh yes, and Yes I'll make a new thread.
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PostSubject: Re: Z-lite archive thread   

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Z-lite archive thread
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