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 Stories of The New Nexus: RP Version

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Blue Spice
Blue Spice

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PostSubject: Stories of The New Nexus: RP Version   Wed Jan 26, 2011 3:29 am

Alright, before you start, read THIS.

Now, the RP starts off with the ship, The Deep (Alteran Scout Ship) Finding the Black Sun.

At this early stage, the Species/Empries available for play are:

Alteran: A crew member of The Deep

Maerkae: Larkrax Spawned Maerkaes on the surface of the desolate planet orbiting the Black Sun.

More characters will be available as teh story develops.


No more than 3 characters for each person, you may not be playing as 2 of them in teh same post.

No letting your character switch alignments for this is impossible

I control all in this story, if I tell you something OCC about the story or characters, that is a law and must be followed.

You may only create a character from the above available species, or an unclaimed preset character.

Only me and other appointed players may narrate a starting scene.

Preset Characters: (No images yet, i'am working on that)

(All character Bios must be in this format)
Name: Hyzor

Race: Alteran

Controller: Excalibur42

Starting Location: Aboard The Deep

Background: Hyzor was one of the many Alterans who put applications in for being the Captain of the scout ship The Deep. Hyzor was chosen. He has a distinct military background and always carries his Golden Larkrax Phaser...state of the art.


Name: Alzar

Race: Alteran

Controller: <none> (Available!)

Starting Location: Aboard The Deep

Background: Alzar is good friends with Hyzor, they attended The Military Academy "The Shield Force" and also applied for Captain of The Deep. Instead he got Supervising Officer (Basically Right hand man) instead.


Name: Ghraxos

Race: Maerkae

Controller: <none> (Available!)

Starting Location: In a Larkrax Cave on the surface of the Black Sun's planet.

Background: Ghraxos is only a few hours old, he spawned from a Larkrax Pod inside the cave after the Deep dropped out of Hyperspace. Something on the planet gave out Sigma Waves causing Larkrax to spawn...and give birth to Maerkaes... How Larkrax Pods perfectly imitated a lifeform from another galaxy is a Mystery only Ghraxos knows...for he is the very first Larkrax Lifeform to spawn in The Deep Gap, or either of the two galaxies....


END of Opening Post... Now The Starting setting:


The Alteran Scout ship, "The Deep" dropped out of hyperspace from months of travelling through the Deep Gap, a large region of basically empty space between The New Nexus and The Dreadnought Galaxies. The Ship's sensors detected a very rare anomaly in the Deep Gap, A Black Sun... A small black hole in the centre of a sun which slows down time to a point where the Sun has no light, but still gives of energy, and won't collapse because of the time distortion.

In the vicinity of the Black Sun, a small, desolate planet is orbiting. Somewhere on the surface of the planet is something that is giving off heat, because in these conditions, it should be a cold hard rock, but is instead a big swamp with caves... and possibly life.

The Deep begins to orbit the desolate planet and sends out a Surveillance Pod, inside are 4 Alterans, including Alzar and Hyzor.

(OCC: Feel free to create a character which is one of the other Alterans!)

The Surveillance Pod lands...


"How the hell is it possible for a planet to be in the middle of absolutely nowhere be brimming with life!?!?!?!"

One of the other Alterans grunts, not caring what is on the surface of the planet.

THUD! The surveillence pod lands and the Airlock opens...

"Let's move out people!"

The small team begins to trek through the muddy swamps, following a strange energy signal coming from the planet's north.

CrAcKle! Zap! ZZZZZ...."This is The Deep Mission Control, what is your status? Over."

"We read you loud and clear. Over."

A small cave looms in front of them...smelling of dried Fooya beans and rotting Spice.

"Ewgh..." excalims one of the Alterans.

"Alzar, you stay here, you two come with me. Let's see what's causing these energy signals to spike..."
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Blue Spice
Blue Spice

Posts : 94
Upvotes: : 0
Join date : 2010-09-14
Age : 20
Location : The Collective Conscience of Reality

PostSubject: Re: Stories of The New Nexus: RP Version   Thu Jan 27, 2011 9:00 am

Just a lil BUMP..... In case anyone...any at all is interested... :I
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Stories of The New Nexus: RP Version
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