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PostSubject: The Galaxy of Nestax-II   The Galaxy of Nestax-II EmptyFri Apr 01, 2011 10:17 pm

The Galaxy of Nestax-II
The reason of me creating this thread in this section would be because most people on the RPs are confused of the history of my galaxy. This thread explains everybodies confusion and brain melt. Also, when I made this thread... It almost felt like I was making a Wikipedia. Here are some terms that should be known.

B.C.D: Before Core Discharge.
A.C.D: After Core Discharge.
1- History of Nestax-II

The known history of Nestax-II.
Grox Invasion (48761 - 48642 B.C.D)

Nestax-II started as a small galaxy filled with natural beauty and wildlife. None of the creatures of the galaxy turned sentient. Because of this reason the galaxy was later invaded by Grox forces after the galaxy's arms expanded. The Grox named the galaxy Firciania-IV, but later the whole galaxy was conquered by the Grox and they started calling it their headquarters for attacking other galaxies around Nestax-II. The other galaxies were all crushed and also conquered. After this the Grox became more powerful and unstopable.
Sentient Uprising (25984 - 25645 B.C.D)

The galaxy of Nestax-II is still under the control of The Grox but in certian parts of the galaxy there were sentient beings rising in some planets. The Grox ignored these uprisings and continued to conquer galaxies around Nestax-II. Because of their ignorance the five original sentient empires (Tranfarnia, Gionrx, Urav, Yrask, Herkul.) crushed the Grox outposts around their homeworld and started to expand. Once the five sentient being saw each other they started the Galactic Senate of Nestax-II and fought with the Grox by getting more empires to join the senate.
Order of the Archway (1025 - 97 B.C.D)

The Galactic Senate started to get bigger and became the superpower goverment of Nestax-II. After they became superpower, the Grox became a little worried and they were pushed away to the core of the galaxy. But the Grox had enough and they started attacking the nearby planets. The Alpha Empires (Tranfarnia, Gionrx, Urav, Yrask, Herkul.) started to get ticked by these attacks and foolishly attacked back and ignored the fact that The Grox had back-up from other galaxies around Nestax-II.

The other Grox attacked ruthlessly from the borders of the galaxy. The main defences crumbled and they started attacking trade routes which also put The Galactic Senate into a economic crisis. The Galactic Senate was being crushed and because of fear, some of the empires left the senate. The Alpha Empires created a special strike force against The Grox and it was called The Order of the Archway. It was named after a mysterious archway that was created in a planet named Jazmia. After so many years, The Order of the Archway successfuly pushed the other Grox empires away from the borders and started attacking the empire that was in the core of the galaxy. In conclussion the War of the Archway started.
War of the Archway (97 - 64 B.C.D)

The War of the Archway was war that only lasted 33 years. The Galactic Senate collected many captains and millitaries to help them in the war. The Order of the Archway gained new members with very powerful and rare weapons, but their best accomplishment was to get somebody with a Titanclaw EXT-9. The persons name is unknown but the only known fact is that he's a Tranfarnian. The war heated up as The Order of the Archway gained new members and empires on their side, but The Grox didn't have any idea of the coming threat.

The Order of the Archway conquered all but one Grox planet. But what the Order didn't know was that it was trap. The Grox had all of their armada in that planet that was named Uqurio. The Order's fleet landed in the battle but their eyes saw only an army of Conqrix and Grox. The battle at Uqurio lasted 2 years. The Grox were ontop at the battle. After many attacks all of The Order of the Archway was crushed into nothingness. All of the members died heroicly but once they were out of the way, The Grox gained back all of their planets and continued to do "Hit and Run" attacks on nearby empires. The Galactic Senate's status started to crumble again...
Rebirth Era (32 - 24 B.C.D)

The Galactic Senate's size was decrease over time and The Grox became the superpower again. But five new empires (Destroya, Sapphirex, Mentalic, Destlia, Reptisiax) started to rise. The Galactic Senate later invited them to the group of Alpha Empires. The Destroya empire became even more powerful then the Grox and they worried about this fact. The Destroya Empire mastered the art of weapons and created new weapons for the Galactic Senate. The Galactic Senate was impressed by the new empire and they started to fight the Grox again. It looked hopeless when the Order of the Archway was crushed but with the new allies The Galactic Senate became stronger and better then the Grox.

The Galactic Senate blasted the Grox like the last time and they were pushed back to the core again. The Galactic Senate started to have problems with other goverments who were with The Grox too, which made it harder then last time. Nestax-II's 3/4 were with the Galactic Senate while 1/4 (Not including Grox) was against them and wanted to fight with The Grox. The Galactic Senate declared the first Galactic War.
The Galactic War (24 - 15 B.C.D)

The Galactic War lasted 9 years. The Galactic Senate fought without mercy against the other goverments but The Grox were still protected in the core. The Destroya Empire and Transfarnia Empire's fleets jumped into the core and attacked The Grox. The Grox lost control of the fight and lost the war. The Galactic Senate wanted to extinct them from Nestax-II but The Grox offered peace and fled from the galaxy.

The Galactic Senate was now in peace once more and hoped that the years after this that the peace would continue.
Core Discharge (0 - 1 A.C.D)

Sorry, I'm still updating. I have to leave so this is all I'm posting. Bye and See you tommorow! awesome

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The Galaxy of Nestax-II
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