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 Blackstar Archive Thread

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Purple spice
Purple spice

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Blackstar Archive Thread Empty
PostSubject: Blackstar Archive Thread   Blackstar Archive Thread EmptyMon Oct 11, 2010 2:46 am


Table of contents:

1: Timeline (history)

2: Timeline (recent events)

3: Knowledge Manifold (Archives)

4: Survivor Backstories

5: Non-Player Character Backstories

6: Upcoming events


Nobody knows how Blackstar began, the event happened suddenly, without any forewarning on year 260,616 of the second Big Bang, 14 years after the Grox Purge (Grox War RP).

1: Ripples: Around two months before the incident, the whole Galaxy felt tiny ripples, as if a minor earthquake struck the whole galaxy. These ripples did some damage to sattelites, and distorted communications, but were minor, and no deaths have been recorded from them.

2: Stronger Ripples and minor suction. Ripples increased in power on the second month, damaging various planets and destroying unbalanced skyscrapers and heavy spaceports. Death toll reached a peak of 1 million.

3: Opening Blast and Strong Suction: After the ripples ended for 2 hours, a powerful blast of light and force from the center of the galaxy was recorded. This was the most damaging phase of Blackstar so far, as many planets close to the core were wiped out instantaneously, and planets further from the core received destructive waves of both cosmic force and dust storms. The death toll from this phase reached over 500 TRILLION. After the blast,


Type: T-3 Cityscape Planet, Homeworld of the Coronian race.
Population Before Blackstar: Around 1,500,000,000,000 including its 2 Moons. (1 and a half trillion)
Population After Blackstar: Safe, but population numbers have skyrocketed due to the incident.
Danger level: No danger imminent.
Notes: This planet's star system is the only known system that will be unaffected by the events in which Blackstar has and will create due to it being on the tip of the Galaxy's arms. Rather than being pulled into the Blackstar, the opening blast moved Coronia away from the gravitational pull.

Type: T-1 Lava planet.
Population Before Blackstar: Around 300 Morgavian researchers/scientists.
Population After Blackstar: Around 2000 Port Morgavus inhabitants and various Grox.
Danger level: Low, but will perish in time.
Notes: Barely livable, contains an excessive amount of sulfur in the air, so wear a gas mask.

Spaceports and Starships:

Port Morgavus:
Type: Important Border Station
Population Before Blackstar: 6,724
Population After Blackstar: Around 2000.
Danger level: Very Low, but will perish along with Planet Morgavus.
Notes: Crashed on Planet Morgavus, electronics are barely operational, and it remains a miracle the Gas tanks inside haven't blown up when it crashed onto the Surface

Current events: Liftoff from Morgavus, Insane Morgavian Attack
Upcoming events(non-spoiler): Headed to Tudusk to salvage wine for morale reasons.
Upcoming events: (Spoilers, Highlight to see) == The Black Hand ambushes the ship when on Tudusk, and a psychopathic bartender shoots a gas pylon, killing him and damaging the ship in the process ==

Update Log:
Update 1: Added a notice that major construction will take place
Update 2: Added Table of contents, Started on Knowledge Manifold, in which I added Blackstar's description and first 3 phases and added planets Coronia and Morgavus.
Update 2.1: Added the Update log, To-Do list, fixed some grammatical errors, Added spaceport section in Knowledge Manifold and filled it with Port Morgavus.
Update 3: Added Loon's spoiler section idea, and filled in some current and upcoming events.

To-Do list:
Major: Start working on Timelines and Backstory sections.

Regular: Add in Tudusk and Dormant in Knowledge Manifold, enter in 4th phase of Blackstar, and add Character/NPC Backstories

Minor: Fix any and all grammatical errors.

Refer to the "reason for editing at the bottom" for the current Archive version.

Last edited by Terwynd on Wed Apr 27, 2011 6:24 am; edited 19 times in total (Reason for editing : VERSION 1.03.00)
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Blackstar Archive Thread Empty
PostSubject: Re: Blackstar Archive Thread   Blackstar Archive Thread EmptyMon Apr 18, 2011 9:31 am

Hmm, so can we add our own information here too? Happy.

Blackstar Archive Thread Sig_st10
Blackstar Archive Thread FRUserbar2pxshorterಠ_ಠ
Blackstar Archive Thread Delta2Blackstar Archive Thread NRPatch
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Purple spice
Purple spice

Posts : 1095
Upvotes: : 18
Join date : 2010-08-28
Age : 25
Location : In front of a computer desk somewhere.

Blackstar Archive Thread Empty
PostSubject: Re: Blackstar Archive Thread   Blackstar Archive Thread EmptyMon Apr 18, 2011 4:21 pm

Sure, go ahead.
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Purple spice
Purple spice

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Blackstar Archive Thread Empty
PostSubject: Re: Blackstar Archive Thread   Blackstar Archive Thread EmptyMon Apr 18, 2011 6:23 pm

I have a 'planet' idea, although we probably won't be going there, you might as well have it archived right?

T-?(but at least 3) dimensional plane
Population before Blackstar: unknown, but not very many
Population after Blackstar: unchanged, except for natural deaths
Risk: none
Notes: Mascotia is a flat plane in between Dimensions, it is where most wormholes lead, and if you want to put it harshly, the dump of the universe. Not that it's trashy, but all kinds of creatures and such are dumped here. However, the only way o get to Mascotia is already being there before or by a strange twist of fate you are made an inhabitant. Read more at:

Also, Red Lantern's past is generally unknown, because he eats anybody who asks about it.
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Pink Spice
Pink Spice

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Blackstar Archive Thread Empty
PostSubject: Re: Blackstar Archive Thread   Blackstar Archive Thread EmptyWed Apr 27, 2011 5:32 am

How about we come up with an upcoming events/spoiler thread or something?
Like giving us a heads up about what could be happening soon in the RP so we know how to make our characters react to it.
I don't mean every detail of what's ahead, I just mean stuff like a description of the next enemies.

Giving a current situation could also be useful, at least to keep people from asking what's going on in the main RP =P
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PostSubject: Re: Blackstar Archive Thread   Blackstar Archive Thread Empty

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Blackstar Archive Thread
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