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 The Genesis Adventure Series

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Red Spice
Red Spice

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PostSubject: The Genesis Adventure Series   The Genesis Adventure Series EmptyFri Jan 20, 2012 9:12 am


Greetings all, I am Cbfstudios. You may or may not know me, I post daily on the official sporum, but I decided to put an archive for my finished series here. Some of the pictures are broken but the links in them still function properly. I explain everything below, but essentially the series is to celebrate my recent benchmarks, so I'm recreating old adventures essentially.

Well, I cannot link the adventures for 7 days it seems. I will do so then but for now you'll just have to look these up which is frustrating to do, and I do not expect that by any means. So...I guess for now you can read up the plot below. My apologies.

✔Level 1- Spice Disaster
✔Level 2-Fango Future Tech Corp
✔Level 3-Robots Rebellion
'10 ERA:
✔Level 4A-Alphine Moon; Dark Mines
✔Level 4B-Back to the Future
✔Level 5-Planet Xulborb
✔Level 6-The Nuclear Front
✔Level 7-Rescue of Proportion
✔Level 8-Wall of Uvii
✔Level 9-Food Inc.
✔End of The World


To celebrate 2 years, 150 Subs and over 2,000 creations, I'm creating a series where you are sent back in time to the beginning of Cbfstudios adventure history by an unknown force! Featuring 9 Adventures from my archive the episodes in this series will feature the same story and setting but updated creations and enviroment!

Episode I - Spice Disaster
The Genesis Adventure Series 500804939287
You are in a world of black. You don't know how you got there and you don't remember what happened before. You see a curious particle of time you dub the "Time Cube" and a curious portal that you step into. You soon realize-your back in time! This was the first adventure I created! You search the town, and before long you find a captain in the same predicament. He tells you that in order to advance through time to get back to the present you must travel through portals in the generations.

Episode II - Fango Future Tech Corp
The Genesis Adventure Series 500806226464
You are back in the black world that you now know is the space-time continuum. You travel to the next generation, a level called Fango Future Tech Corp, an immersive research factory. As you proceed through you find the next portal in the basement. Before proceeding you find an odd character who claims to be the reason that you are back in time. He dissapears saying you will meet very soon.

Episode III - Robots Rebellion
The Genesis Adventure Series 500812561644
Step into the apocalyptic Crisis City, covered in lava and a veil evil and destruction! Dash through a destroyed city and apocalyptic factory as you head towards the very top battling through various mechs! At the top of the factory, you meet with Xalphos who tells you he has created duplicates of random points in time. These duplicates are the levels you are in. He is about to tell you more, when a "Higher Force" permits him from doing so.

Episode IV A - Alphine Moons; Darkice Mines
The Genesis Adventure Series 500813776254
You are now in the 10' Era. You arrive at a destroyed mining facility, in which you must get through it to the core of the planet. While you think you are going to find the perpitrator, instead you meet again with Xalphos, and now he intends to tell you everything. But he decides that instead of telling you, he'll just show you, and so he takes into a flashback from right before you got sent back in time. In other words, back to the future!

Episode IV B - Back to the Future
The Genesis Adventure Series 500813846772
As you travel back to the future, you learn that Xalphos is recreating the moment you were sent back in time, since you don't remember. You learn you were hired by a man of the same name called Xalphos, who looks like a carbon copy of Xenus. He was going to try and capture an ancient time controlling monster from a ruin on a deserted island. You learn later that the name of this creature is Solaris, the god of time. The reason he wants you is too protect him in case Solaris attacks. He was lying, however. He wanted to use Solaris to go back in time for evil purposes. He did the time travel process wrong, and sucked you with him, damaging your memory, and that is why you didn't remember.

You find yourself back at the start of Genesis Ep.1, when you couldn't remember and you were in front of that time gate and cube. Then you fast forward to when you met with Xenus, who looks like Xalphos, the man who time traveled. You learn that Xenus is actually Xalphos in the future.....his future self. Future Xalphos realized you lost your memory, so he played along with it.He created the false name "Xenus" and told you that to get back to the future, you need to hop through time using portals. What you don't know is by doing this you are fulfilling his plan. Each time a time portal is used, the fabric of space and time are weakened. "Xenus" wanted to use the portals so much that space and time collapsed altogether. He knew you already wanted to get to the future, so he basically got you to do the dirtywork, helping him in his ultimate goal: To End of the World.

Episode V - Planet Xulborb
The Genesis Adventure Series 500814027463
Your back in the space-time continuum, and surely enough there is no sight of "Xenus", or Future Xalphos anywhere. It looks like the Time Cube is your primary partner now. The next stage is Planet Xulborb. You crash landed on an unkown planet, and need to recover 15 of your ships parts to fly to the next portal in a faraway grove. Once you arrive at the portal, a collapse happens in the weakening fabric of time, and chunks of Crisis City and a massive factory splat right in front of you! This is just another sign of the Space-Time continuum collapsing...

Episode VI - The Nuclear Front
The Genesis Adventure Series 500814632387
Now your in the final 10' Era level. The Time cube briefs you and warns that time is falling apart, so your going to see a few oddities, which you will.You've crashed landed on an icy planet and braved a rough snow storm. You come upon a seemingly normal Spice Facility. But then you find a worker, Dowill, who spills the beans and tells you it's a military base in a civil war. Part of the base went rogue and builds a separate base, calling themselves the Cybutron. In order to get your ship fixed, the Commander needs you to defend in an attack. Afterwords, it's reported that A Cybutron missile is about to be launched at the Base! Your new orders are ot get inside the missile and destroy it. But when you get there, Future Xalphos makes the missile invincible, dooming the civilians. Quickly you escape through a portal and proceed to fight the next boss, Alexei Simms.

Episode VII - Rescue of Proportion
The Genesis Adventure Series 500814885573
The first mission in the Modern Era, Episode 7 sees your return to the recent GA, Rescue of Proportion. The Time Cube once again cautions you to the unknown effects of the distorting fabric of time. In this episode, you visit a city of tiny creatures nestled away in the bushes. A giant creature came roaring through asking for help, as he needs to get back to his home planet. His voice is so loud it sends the Skibrew into panic, and they chase him off. In the original adventure, the big monster named Xiealeon decieves you. While your trying to help him, he calls his army of ships and attacks the city. However, now your captain is aware that the Xiealeon is lying. So instead of helping, you slink off to the mountains and find the Mother ship, waiting to attack! Before it gets a chance, you shoot it down into a pit, and go inside the wreckage to find the next portal! Before you enter, you encounter Past Xalphos again. He is questioning your morals, and wonders what it feels like to be a hero, but quickly dismisses the thought.

Episode VIII - Wall of Uvii
The Genesis Adventure Series 500814908700
The Time Cube once again warns you, but this time it's much serious. The Fabric of Time can only handle one more travel-through-a-portal until the seams of time burst, releasing all time periods into the Space Time Continuum, thus ending the world. The side effects are also worsening. In the original Wall of Uvii, the Uvii race enslaved the Ivii race. Time has broken down, thus the order of events are going haywire. Now, the two races are on reverse sides of the Main Wall, and the Ivii have enslaved the Uvii. The goal this time around is to scale the massive tower, as you predict that at the top is the portal. once you arrive, big surprise, you see Xalphos P. In an attempt to assassinate you, he blows up the platform and you fall. However, it turns out the portal is directly below. You land in it, traveling to the next stage. But in the back of your head, you know that you just set the world on a course for doom.

Episode IX - Food Inc.
The Genesis Adventure Series 500814947214
This is the last level until you reach the present day. But sadly, even when you get to the portal, you porabably won't be going anywhere, as Zalphos is in control of the situation. Due to Time Collapsing, Food Inc. is drastically changed. Everyone has dissappeared, the sky is now part of the space-time continuum and objects from other worlds are littered about. The Time Cube finds the portals location inside hte Food Inc Factory, Once you get to the location, you discover it was a ruse. You find Past Zalphos, who created a fake portal scan to trick you. He whips out a bomb that detonates in 15 seconds, not nearly enough time to escape, but you book it anyway. As the bomb explodes, you find that your alive! The Time Cube is blocking hte explosion, but sacrificing himself in the process. You proceed to the Modern Boss, President Vitrax. As he is ready to fight you, he is killed by Future Xalphos, who decides to finally kill you himself. After a battle, you temporarily defeat him and are transported back to the space-time continuum. You realize the dreaded moment has come; The End of the World.

The Genesis Adventure Series 500815548316
This is it! You find your self in the Space-Time continuum on a random platform, along with other characters from the series who have been teleported here as well. Surprisingly, you even find Xalphos P. who tells you Xalphos F. turned on him and attacked. Xalphos P. explains all the previous worlds have melted together in the Space-Time contiunuum, and Xalphos F. is trying to convince Solaris to destroy it all. You've got 8:30 minutes to cross through the space-time continuum through familiar puzzles. Once you arrive, Xalphos F. tries one last time to eradicate the world, but Solaris disobeys and kills Xalphos F. and transports you to a battlefield. Here, you must destroy the floor and send Solaris into space! Once you do so, you thinks it's over, but are transported to the Temporal Core only to discover Phase II of Solaris, one with wings, explaining how he survived. After a gruelling battle, Solaris is killed, but your too late! You only have 5 seconds until the Space-Time Continuum is eradicated...

Genesis - Epilogue
The Genesis Adventure Series 500815647553
You find yourself above a portal looking at Xalphos P. He tells you he is the one who saved you, as he wanted to have the feeling of being a "Hero". He tells you that when you return to the present day, your memory will be wiped clean of everything that happened in the Genesis series. After the credits roll, you get a message in your ship, and you've been called on a mission to help someone capture a time controlling monster. The clients name: Xalphos.
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PostSubject: Re: The Genesis Adventure Series   The Genesis Adventure Series EmptyFri Jan 20, 2012 10:12 am

I have played through most of this series and its rather fun.

The Genesis Adventure Series Tumblr_m2woxyeSWr1qj2qhwo1_250
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Red Spice
Red Spice

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PostSubject: Re: The Genesis Adventure Series   The Genesis Adventure Series EmptySat Jan 21, 2012 7:40 am

I hope you enjoy it. These are literally around the exact same previous adventures, so gameplay varies. So you won't be getting another one like Xulborb.

That is probably the most mixed recieved episode so far.
You and Psherman didn't like it, but several other people thought it was great.
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PostSubject: Re: The Genesis Adventure Series   The Genesis Adventure Series Empty

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The Genesis Adventure Series
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