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    Humor : Dry humor is what's up.
    Usergroups: Member
    Rank: Pink Spice
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    Humor : Resistance is not Recommended
    Usergroups: Member
    Rank: Purple spice
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    Humor : Your face, Your home, your town,colony,etc., your country, your continent, your planet, your solar system, your galaxy, your mom, and mostly your LIFE!
    Usergroups: Member
    Rank: Blue Spice
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    Humor : ...In fact, pretty much any voice that you hear when you die would be scary, even Don Knotts... Well, that would be really scary because Don Knotts is dead, and that means he's coming to do something to you...
    Usergroups: Member
    Rank: Pink Spice
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    Humor : No, I dont have ADHD, I just... DO YOU LIKE WAFFLES?
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    Humor : Think outside the ox
    Usergroups: Member
    Rank: Silver Spice
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