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 Vektrix's Poetry Corner

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Pink Spice
Pink Spice

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Location : EuroSpore, GAC and The Sporum

PostSubject: Vektrix's Poetry Corner   Tue Dec 28, 2010 3:37 am

Ocassionally I come over all melancholic and Byronesque, and write poetry. So, to prove this ever so laboured point, I am gonna post, every so often, some of my poetry here.

Why have Rabbits when you can have Hares?
Written: 1998
Why have Rabbits when you can have hares?
Why have apples when you can have pears?
Why have worries when you can have cares?

Why have chairs when you can have stools?
Why have donkeys when you can have mules?
Why have idiots when you can have fools?

Why go to movies? Watch them at home!
Why have a garden? When you ain't got a gnome.
Why have ice cream not in a cone?

Why do everything? When you cannot cope.
Why have courage? When you haven't got hope.
Why walk backwards up a slippery slope?

Why have Rabbits when you can have hares?
Why have apples when you can have pears?
Why have worries when you can have cares?

A Better Life
Written: 2001
As I meander wandering slowly my objective never reached,
I ponder in a passing moment that is fully bleached,
The love affair of future things of genius past,
Poses the question of whether technology will cause the very last,
As plants and trees spend their life to whither,
We spend our time from here to there tracking like a river.
Every time we seek an everlasting answer,
We scramble and tumble and fall at a possible life enhancer,

Noose Point
Written: 2001
Historically forgotten in criminal memories
The point of no, discerning return
The place where justice end was served
And all the judges had witches to burn,
The stakes are high, your life the gambit
Beware corruption in jurors hearts,
Beware corruption within Emperor’s lives
This is only the Noose Point stand,
This repells trouble to those who dwell
Within the centre of criminal hell.

Wheeley Bin
Written: 2007
See that wheeley bin standing there?
"I'm not a goal post!" it does declare,
How dare you use me in your game,
I like holding garbage, if it's all the same,
I have icky rubbish and banana peel,
The pong I contain will make you squeal
And feel quite sick, so stop that now,
I can't kick back, I don't know how,
You'll break a window, or damage a car,
Or you'll kick that ball way too far,
There is a field not far away,
You have the energy, go there to play,
The bloke who lives here hates you boys
Using streets like common toys,
Go down the park with your 5-aside,
Let steam off there with your football bride,
See that wheeley bin standing there?
"I'm not a goal post!" it still declares.

View from a Rainbow
Written: 2010
Sitting down here at the end of a rainbow.
Staring up at the sky above.
Pondering why there is nowhere to go.
As evil fits like a glove.
Spending my days, withering away.
Doomed to eternity.
Ignored by all for what I say.
I may as well just run away.
I look around and all is nought.
You spend your time in heaven and hell.
Not giving me a passing thought.
Time for me to no longer dwell.

Eternal Life
Written: 2010
Welcome to eternal damnation my friends.
Forever and an ever it never ends.
Your broken dreams turn into nightmares.
Your worries will never turn into cares.
Shame will follow your every waking move.
The rough will never become the smooth.
But fear ye not for guilt and sins
Are human constructs, so no-one wins.

An Apology
Written: 2010
For whatever ills I've done to you,
I did not mean to hurt.
Life is too short, to hold a grudge,
My emotions shall be more alert
In the future about your feelings.

Your friendship means much more to me,
Than just a passing fad.
Whenever I see you are there,
My life becomes less sad,
About my life's poor meanings.

I hope that you are not afraid,
Or get to far down-hearted.
Your time down here on Earth this life,
is short until you are departed.
I hope in future we have happier dealings.

Beautiful Aggression
Written: 2010
A howl of anguish in the night
Gives the neighbours such a terrible fright,
They are running scared of the unseen sound
That seems to eminate from all around.

They needn't fear this primeval noise,
For it is just an animal in spectacular voice,
Yelling in happiness of compassions touch,
A feeling that humanity avoids too much.

The wild at heart will sympathise,
As they gaze into animalian eyes,
The soulful look of pain's last grip
Will melt your grasp on your cruel trip.

The growl of the fiercest carnivore
And the whinney of the gentlest herbivore,
Are just enough to remind the abysmal horde
That we take liberties we cannot afford.

Domesticated, Captivated and Wild to the core,
We should admire creatures, great and small,
The fiercest predator to the cutest kind,
Should show our lust will doom even mankind.

The haunting life is theirs to lead,
As they evolve through generations seed,
We should not fear or victimise,
They will outlive beyond our demise.
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Bronze Spice
Bronze Spice

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PostSubject: Re: Vektrix's Poetry Corner   Tue Dec 28, 2010 3:52 am

WOW! my favorite is the first.g gave me a good laugh. great poetry. here's a longish bit from me.... it's not really a poem... well it kind of is... well, here.
- pic by me to go with poem.
Four thirty. The end of the day begins. The blue sky is crossed with white thunderheads as the bright orange orb of the sun sinks slowly towards the treetops on the west side of the lake. The sky is endless, with the ripple less like below, reflecting it’s every cloud. the sun sinks slowly, below the clouds, illuminating them from the underside, bright white, but glowing orange, splashing across the sky, and into the water below. And then the sun sinks. it sucks it’s rays below the trees and the clouds are once again dark. the west sky is golden as sun falls lower. then the yellow above slowly turns to purple, and a dark blue in the east, steadily pulling it’s royal blue blanket over the sky. the cluds are illuminated in peachy colors as they float off the sky and the yellow recedes. the clouds fall into darkness, and the blue comes over the lake, reflecting its endless depths into the water below. Nothing moves. The last breze of the day wafts over, bringing with it the scent of the beach flowers from far away. Across the lake. Across the world.
The trees fade to black, stary against the blue sky, deepening every moment. The warmth of the day is slowly swept away. Tink pinpoints of light, the silver stars, and worlds far beyond are revealed. the wonderfully woven depths of space are faint behind the blue. The trees are but shadows now, on a blue and endless sky. The depths of space are seen behind as the blue fades to black. Slowly, through the endless path of stars, another world is reveaked. The eagles call their last good nights, and the frogs chirp themselves into silence.
In the water, in the sky, ther is a glittering image, deep below, or perhaps high above, a fish jumps, and the image is broken. Falling away into ripples, and it is cold. The earth is silent, The day’s time is done. An owl hoots. a cricket chirps. And then its quiet. Night’s blanket is not thin. There’s no daylight within.
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Location : New Mexico, USA

PostSubject: Re: Vektrix's Poetry Corner   Tue Dec 28, 2010 3:54 am

Before I post a sonnet,
I must first ask you whether I may post;
So that this thread will not wrong it,
Cast it down, in the fire, down to roast.

So now I ask you one,
I know not the answer, true,
May I post, or will my poetry be overrun?
And if I must not, then my apology is due.

Signing off,
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Pink Spice
Pink Spice

Posts : 210
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Join date : 2010-08-27
Location : EuroSpore, GAC and The Sporum

PostSubject: Re: Vektrix's Poetry Corner   Tue Dec 28, 2010 3:57 am

*Dons his hat of pedanticity (which I believe SHOULD be a word)*

Camel: Needs formatting to make it easier to read, and even look like a poem, but is very beautiful.

Blender: Not technically a sonnet, 4 lines too few, but very nice. I like the way it is making a point that I failed to make in the OP, which is, that of course, anyone can share their poetry.

*Takes off the hat*
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Posts : 879
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Join date : 2010-07-01
Location : New Mexico, USA

PostSubject: Re: Vektrix's Poetry Corner   Tue Dec 28, 2010 8:40 am

I don the armor of incredulity;
My poems are duly accepted:
And so, the tale begins, of mutiny.

A Pirate ship, off the coast,
Encountered a vast landmass,
And so they landed, set camp, and had a toast.
Then becoming lit, they told jokes that were crass.

Quite drunk, the captain, in the lead,
Took his men on a quest,
A Quest in search of more mead.
At the end, they lay to rest.

Now they call the captain a twit,
He landed upon an island and set sail;
He might have been famous, if he had any wit.
But now, my boy, you know the tale.

- 3D
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PostSubject: Re: Vektrix's Poetry Corner   

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Vektrix's Poetry Corner
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