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 The Lunar Isles RP

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Blue Spice
Blue Spice

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PostSubject: The Lunar Isles RP   Wed Jul 14, 2010 10:45 pm

This RP is set in a magical land long ago. There are no cars, trains or planes, and the first guns are only just being developed. You control your characters actions, and nobody elses. Stick to the rules.

The Rules:
-No Godmodding. Which means don't control another person char, change the map without permission, or implement major storyline changes
-Don't be OP. OP is short for overpowered, which is wrong. Being overpowered is against the rules. Example:
Bilbo swung his axe at the floor and the world fell apart. No. Nobody can do that, unless it's me. 8)
-No autokilling. This means, give the person your aiming at a chance to evade. But don't evade all of the time, you must get hit sometimes.
-Please, No vulgar language or adult content. Sure, Love is acceptable, but no squeezing boobs or that kinda thang. Not here :P Swear words should be replaced with stars ****
-No huge Images. Want to show what you mean instead of writing it? Link it, please. Please don't use spoiler, either
-USE THE MAP GRIDS No travelling more than 1 grid per post. This makes it more realistic and helps keep things in place. Only me or special chars can travel more than 1 square.
-Use OOC: when not in character OOC: means out of character. This helps, as I've said in the chatbox before. It lets people know when you're asking a question, not AS your character.
Quote :
WRONG WAY:"The great wizard muttered something, with his last breath..brb, gonna get some cake"
RIGHT WAY"The great wizard muttered something in his last breath..
OOC:Brb, gonna get some cake! :)

Ok, with that out of the way...
The great war was over 500 years ago. Calm had returned now, mostly. Sure, some of the older buildings still bore the scars of the conflict, but the world is at peace now. You think.

But, as long as there is light, there will be darkness. Foul creatures rotting in the shadows are plotting constantly, waging a secret war in their minds. The tormentors, the ones enjoying the light, having fun, smiling. Xolag cannot stand them. "Pass me the gravy, dear, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" The sentences are spiralling inside his head. Why was he not aloud happiness? Why did the world choose to segregate him, and force him into his own, lonely world? They will pay, he thinks. The world shall burn with darkness and fire. If you can't get out of this world, he thinks..Lets pull everyone else into mine. Let them see how they like it. He closes his eyes and a dark look crosses his face. It's a cross between an evil smirk and a frown...

Humans: adept equally in magic and sword fighting abilities.
Wizards: Extremely adapt in magic, but weak at swordplay
Dwarf: Use the latest technology, including clockwork handguns. Little magic abilitys, but weapons may be enchanted
Berserker: Very strong at physical fighting, can use Swords, Hammers and axes. Little to no magic abilities. Significantly taller and broader than humans and wizards.
Assassin: Very fast, and adept at using daggers. Can hide and run fast, but lack magic and defensive abilities.

Character Log:
Please fill this in and PM it to me when making a character, so I can approve it.

Xolag wrote:
Char Name: Xolag
Race: Unknown
Nationality: Gharisian Born
Clothing: Wears a long, dark blue cloak that mostly conceals his face in shadows. Shadows constantly follow him, wherever he travels.
Appearance: N/A
Weapons: Has a deep blue sapphire pendant around his neck. It is said to increases his powers.
Note: Your first post should introduce your character, where they are ect.
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Blue Spice
Blue Spice

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Join date : 2010-06-18

PostSubject: Re: The Lunar Isles RP   Wed Jul 14, 2010 10:45 pm


Political Map:
Key: Capital City = Red
Town = Green
^ = highest point

Town Names

Thermal Map:


Forum Admin. Please PM me if you have any issues or concerns, or just want to Poke me. <3.
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Blue Spice
Blue Spice

Posts : 63
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Join date : 2010-06-18

PostSubject: Re: The Lunar Isles RP   Wed Jul 14, 2010 10:46 pm

About the Land and the Citys:

Republic of Holdi:
Many Berserker and Humans live here. Most of the towns and cities are heavily guarded. It is relatively flat, save for a small mountain on the Sapphire Coast.

Sapphire Coast:
The Sapphire Coast has the clearest waters in all of the land. The sand is also silky and soft, resulting in a popular tourist attraction. However, there is a forbidden cave located here, where only the strongest and most respected may enter. The walls are covered in sapphires, reflecting light like shining blue mirrors.
Sapphire Mountain:
A small mountain that has a slightly blueish tinge. It glows faintly blue at night.

Vescus + Herfald: Armoured Towns
Much military equipment is produced here, much of it from the strong ore mined from Sapphire Mountain. The walls are thick, almost impenetrable, and the guarding system is top notch. Because of the lack of skilled wizards in the Republic of Holdi, most people here either go by the Sword on the Bow, and are excellent at what they do.

Baythorn and Waterwatch: Rock Cities on the coast
Lots of Sapphirium Ore is shipped from these small cities across the globe, resulting in busy ports in both cities. Baythorn is an older city, and was a major turning point in the Great War, whereas Waterwatch was built after the war as a good lookout post towards the Kingdom of Gharis.

Holdi: Titanium City
The castle in Holdi is quite possibly the most secure building in the world. It's magic resistant walls keep wizard intruders at bay, and it is impossible to dig underneath, too. It is also huge, with a built in training facilities for the soldiers of Holdi. The rest of the city is sparsely decorated, much like the rest of the country, since the government think Art is a waste of money.

Daralai is the country of the wizards. Every city and town pulsates with the sheer wealth of magical power located here. The most skilled wizards live here, and control the elemants with ease.

Efraa and Vallis: Waterworlds
Most of these 2 cities actually lay underwater. But not due to flooding or destruction, but because they were meant to be there. Water dragons and all sorts of sea creatures make their homes around these two cities, and the people don't mind them being there, either.

Numberg and Echoham: The Elemental Cities
Numberg is, some might say cursed, by being in a constant heatwave. Echoham is constantly near freezing point. This is due to the fact that 2 wizards long ago fought over which was more powerful: Ice or Fire. Due to their arguing, both of their spells backfired, and cursed the cities into everlasting winters and summers.

Worthwatch: The tree City
Surrounding Worthwatch is the largest forest on the globe. And the tree's here are huge; reaching many hundreds of meters into the air. Worthwatch is built in these trees. Most of the houses are built into the trees, which is an easy task for people with such magical abilities. The city radiates with a green aura.

Solar Islanas + Ile de la Lune: Spacial Places
The Solar Islanas are home to the Sunbearers, a clade of wizards destined to follow the power of the stars, and the Nightwatchers, a clade of wizards dedicated to studying the power of the Moon. Since all who live here have magical talent, these islands belong to Daralai.

Ignition, Flamepyre and Sunburn: Solar Cities
The main cities of the Solar clade of wizards, these cities are mostly unknown of to outsiders.

Eclipsis town and Spacial Town: Lunar Strongholds
The main strongholds of the Lunar clade of wizards, these cities are slightly better know than that of the solar cities, but still very little is known about them.

Ariana Highlands
The Ariana Highlands are inhabited widely by Dwarves. As a result, the technology here is the most up-to-date in the world. It is also freezing here, much of the north is a frozen, barren wastelands, save for a giant, abandoned castle.

The Ice Castle
The Ice Castle is located on the most northerly point in Ariana. It is an entire castle made out of only ice and snow. It was suspected magical, and as hired wizards from Daralai tried to melt it, but no amount of fire would affect it in anyway. Located just a shote distance away from Northage.

Northage, Flora and Sweptun: Northerly Towns
These three towns are quite small, and located further north than the other towns. They are all freezing cold, and built mostly underground. Flora is strange, since despite the lack of plants in Ariana, Flora is covered with rare winter flowers. Northage is the oldest town, with the newly built Sweptun being the most recent.

Splendor and Fermage: Winter Paradises
Splendor is, as it's name implies, one of the most beautiful cities on the globe. The scenic village and the cold sea make it enchantingly special. Fermage is derived from Dwarfish language, literally meaning "For the Mages." It was built as a place for wizards to rest during the great war, as Wizards were close allies with the dwarfs.

Snowground: The Icicle City
Not as impressive on the outside as other major cities across the map, Snowground is located mainly underground. It is a complex web of tunnels, connecting houses, shops, and the mines all together. The ground above is snowy and frosty, and is surrounded by, strangely, a vast forest. But, it is no way near as impressive as the Worthwatch forest.

Broomabang Shores
The Broomabang shores is the main country of the Humans, although, the humans also live in other areas.

Furtia and Efriff: Human towns on Human waters
Furtia and Efriff are classic port towns, shipping anything and everything across the map. The human government is wealthy, and have spent a lot of money on these two towns. Efriff is much older than Furtia, and was built hundreds of years before the great war. Furtia is, much like Flora in Ariana, surrounded by flowers, although on a Flora's is on a much grander scale.

Honeycomb and Scheeza: Farming Strongholds
Scheeza is the most productive farming city in the world. All sorts of things are farmed here, and shipped out to Furtia and Efriff, and then around the globe. Scheeza's climate is perfect for farming, while Honeycomb is much cooler. Honeycomb is proud to be the sole producer of Winter Honeybee Honey, churning out barrels of the stuff a day.

Flumborg: City of the People
Practically every culture can be found in the majestic city of Flumborg. Not just humans make there homes here, too. It has a nice enough climate, and has the support of the farming cities and ports on its side. Unlike the similar city of Holdi, Flumborg is decorated with many paintings and sculptures that make it much more aesthetically pleasing. Also, one of the newest cities on the globe, especially for a capital.

The Kingdom of Gharis
Most people think that this country is cruel and wicked. In most respect, they are right, with a controlling government that will favour war over peace. But, the government has proved its success; Gharis is now the largest country on the globe, and is economically stable.

Fintown, One, and Shadetown: Darkened towns
Vast clouds gather above these two cities. Most people just say its the weather, but an ancient curse, much like the ones on Echoham and Numberg is said to exist, by some people, favouring the darkness, not fire or ice.

Newtown and Notown: Success stories
The town of Notown marks the old boundary of Gharis, before the new government took over. As the empire expanded, Newtown was built to celebrate their victories, and also marks the new border. Newtown also keeps a watchful eyes on the Ariana Highlands, something which Notown used to do.

Wateraii and Dumb: Troll Cities
Dumb, a town whose name scars those who live there. But, it's name does make sense: Dumb is the main town of the trolls, a race forced out of other countries, before they took shelter in Gharis. Wateraii is considered one of the only "peaceful" cities in Gharis, despite the presence of a huge volcano looming next to it.

City of the Shadows
During the great war, the capital of Gharis was destroyed by a siege of dragons and catapults. The wizards cast a powerful jinx over the city, dooming it into darkness and shadows for evermore. Although it was destroyed, it was mostly rebuilt, however the curse still lingers to this day. It is home to the powerful government, and only the most respected people may live here, as to not "corrupt" the minds of the royal government.

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PostSubject: Re: The Lunar Isles RP   

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The Lunar Isles RP
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