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     Behind the Shadows - IC

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    Green Spice
    Green Spice

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    PostSubject: Re: Behind the Shadows - IC   Fri Aug 17, 2012 6:27 pm

    ((Yet, potato. Yet. The prologue is almost over.))
    John followed W3RM into the elevator and did a gesture for the other mercs to follow him.
    "We'll wait for you at fifth floor." John said to Maarucye and Cris.

    John waited until every other mercenary had gotten into the elevator before pressing the button which would let them get to the fifth floor.
    When the doors opened, they revealed an office complex with abandoned workplaces. Tables and computers filled the dimly lit room.
    John checked the dark corners before sitting down on a chair. He noticed a cup of cold cofee sitting on the nearest table.
    He resisted the urge to drink it while waiting for Maarcuye and Cris. Instead he tried to make conversation with W3RM.

    "So whatare you going to do with your 1200 credits once we're done here?"

    Last edited by IsakTheWriter on Sun Sep 02, 2012 5:56 pm; edited 1 time in total
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    Bronze Spice
    Bronze Spice

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    PostSubject: Re: Behind the Shadows - IC   Sun Aug 19, 2012 6:29 pm

    IsakTheWriter wrote:
    Meanwhile, John had reached what actually was an elevator. He looked back and saw Miles carrying the Mech's "eyes". The eyes had just been simple cameras with motion trackers. THey seemed slabby however, since they were covered in hydralic fluids.

    "Is it really necessary to take them with you?" He asked Miles while looking at the disgusting mechanical parts.

    Miles Tekit rolled her eyes. Of course it was necessary to take a pair of eyes from a dead mech. She always likes to make what was a useless part became a something useful from either broken or stolen scrap metal. Naturally Miles had to explain this to John whist putting the eyes into her bag.

    "Anymore questions you feel like asking about my hobbies or would you rather get out of here sir?"

    Miles pushed past her way into the elavator without much saying another word.
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    Green Spice
    Green Spice

    Posts : 505
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    Join date : 2011-10-21
    Age : 21
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    PostSubject: Re: Behind the Shadows - IC   Sat Sep 29, 2012 1:36 am

    Since the RP is dead, I just wanted to share some information on what could have happened. I'll fill out the CODEX on the OCC if anyone will bother checking it up.
    Now I'm going to post some ideas for the endings. The idea was that after the ending was done, each of the characters got an ending arc or post telling what happened to them based on the ending(s).

    Ending 1: Independence
    Objects completed:
    >Invade Systems Union headquarters
    >Team up with the Liberationals
    >Succeed in Renkoor coup
    >”Free” Third planet from corporations
    “As the Elton system has once again reinforced their independence of the Systems Union, the anarchy rules its colonies. The system is crumbling under the civil war. The Systems Union refuses to help and the lack of regulations has lead to a massive power surge as corporations fill the power vacuum.”
    “The casualties have reached over the hundred thousand mark and continue to rise as the battles rage on. We will come with updates as they come. This is Channel 101 News.”

    Ending 2: John’s Death
    Objects completed:
    >Invade Liberationals hideout
    >NOT infiltrating Systems Union’s secret facility
    >Side against the mafia
    >Attacking Novus operation
    “The death of John Gillian, a member of the Invasori House, has been blamed on the factions of the Elton system. The Invasori House has responded by sending one of Earth’s naval fleets into the region, securing the section. This has caused unrest between the noble Houses of Earth and can lead to a split of the allied Houses. The Elton system has seen the consequences as the humans are rapidly usurping the colonies governments and have now the system in an iron grip. We will come with updates as they come. This is Channel 101 News.”

    Ending 3: The Truth Unveiled
    Objects completed:
    >Remain Neutral
    >Help Eruditio survive
    >Infiltrate System Union’ secret facility
    >Attacking Novus operation
    Confronting Shadow Man.
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    PostSubject: Re: Behind the Shadows - IC   

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    Behind the Shadows - IC
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