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» Sentain IC
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» New Super Smash Bros. Game announced for teh Wii U and 3DS
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» What are your favorite youtube videos?
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» General Chat thread
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Private MessageUsernamePostsLocatione-mailWebsiteSelect
Group Moderator
Hutch935USA. Stereotype me.  
Group Members
-NOX-340Wouldn't you like to know...  
3D879New Mexico, USA  Visit poster's website
AgentAG580Gone, except for the occasional post in the game night thread. Yay.  
alienzombies83USA, the land of the broke  
ArsDraconis103I know I need a funny location, but I just can't think of any! D:  Visit poster's website
Bence657182You would never know...  
Birdie57019In You Closet... Muwha ha ha ha ha  
Blobzoid9Somewhere in planet... Ireland.  
BurninatingFreez247USA east coast! Nothing more specific unless it is your life goal to know.  Visit poster's website
byball9601It's on a need-to-know basis, and you probably don't want to know  Visit poster's website
camelfox1915here you idiot.  Visit poster's website
CbfStudios22Minnesota, USA  
Chaos170Emerald Town  
Cool_guy25A town in area in a state in a reigon in a country in a contanent in a planet in a soler system in a galexy in a nebula in a universe! Send e-mailVisit poster's website
Darkshadow587Somewhere out there Send e-mail
DarkStar936Texas, the Greatest Country in the World  
Dark_Heroics1337Canada, land of hockey, syrup and cold!  
Dark_Plague1629Canada, Somewhere freezing my ass  
Daxter89Everywhere, Nowhere, and absolutly somewhere (possibly about to kill you.  Visit poster's website
Delta2281  Visit poster's website
Dory01204Mesociam Send e-mailVisit poster's website
DRaGO1420Standing over Sargas Ruk's body.  Visit poster's website
Drago183234United States, home of the famous...something.  
Drew1494Probably inside you  
Dylanator23Under your bed...  
Dymblade71Good question.....  
embercoral34Crazy City (Scotia, NY)  
Epsilon689Killing Titans.  
Excalibur4294The Collective Conscience of Reality  
GammaGames17Nonyo, Beezwacks  
Gelatino953501Dinosaur Planet  Visit poster's website
Goober0915Somewhere, watching you with my cameras.  
Grofile70Nederland were els...  
Hobbes920810Somewhere I'm not supposed to be...  
infidel775262A bunker on Casparan, heavily defended by Kas guards.  Visit poster's website
Ionjii1026177Well, if i were to tell you that i was a Quantum Particle, and that i know exactly my speed then that would make my location incredibly uncertain, and lying anywhere within a range of differing values, none of which can be confirmed without interfering with my unpredictable quantum state. Bet you wish you didn't ask now.  
IsakTheWriter505That's a true mystery.  
Jat371130  Visit poster's website
Johnthedragon83Iacon,Cybertron  Visit poster's website
king90s19Behind you...  
Kitty3148Waterfall, Underground  
kobbleykobkob17Poking a rift in time and space  
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